water based pigment ink black marker

Greediness is inextricably linked to egocentrism, to individual or personal chauvinism. The latter, as well as the chauvinist’s domination so as to outclass even his very kind, superficially fills him with vigor, inclination to dominate and mastery, and makes him unbeatable. That’s Ego. The Superego expands/grows at the same time as it blinds both mind and consciousness to such an extent that all his actions resort to being and already are justified as actions imposing the Law. Subconsciously, however, there is a path open to the potential, forthcoming solitude. A solitude coming after a long time, since our actions have consequences whose power will also take action. The need for coexistence /symbiosis, for contact, the needs in general, are confronted with individual ideals and beliefs. They are construed as threats, while their elimination, the possibility for a chauvinist’s mind to change, even minimally, are not easy. A well structured system starts being at work, trapping every “attack”. His swift thoughts can locate the alleged threat-need to the category of threat. Nevertheless, a change can easily come, so long as the virtue behind the action is obvious. Before virtue, any defence is proved wrong. Reconsideration appears in the long run, but the signs of change are gradually and always over protectively revealed, in order for Ego not to be hurt. The well hidden need is expressed to such an extent that it may be really strong, so torrential it will possibly bring upon results other than the appropriate. Dyspnoea, dysphoria, even a whole destruction. The mind wanders and falls into melancholy. The sharp and quick alternation if emotions, such as joy and sorrow, drives to melancholy, depression, possible manifestation of self – destruction. The latter is healed by Ego which empowers the “slack” defences.