“The hammer and the pigeon”

Dionyssos marble
pigeon : 23,5 x 15 x 8,5 cm, hammer : 22 x 3,5 x 2,5 cm


Tinos is the island of marble and pigeons. During the summer, while I was working in marble massive production, I made traditional marbled hammers and pigeons for the tourist period. The whole procedure was quite enjoyable at the beginning; I was learning how to create forms and shapes, but, as I soon realised how repetitive massive production is, I turned out to be angry and loathe pigeons…

So I decided to become a bit more creative. When I went back home, I asked myself: what if I transformed them into one another?

The created dynamics were immediately visible. The force of a hammer on a pigeon’s body instantly changed the initial brutal force into a peaceful one.

Both items are made of white Dionyssos marble.

Marble glue is also applied on specific parts.