Turkey white marble
15 x 7 cm
(private collection)

From a young age I’ve been observing nature, and I’ve always felt an irresistible attraction for the nautilus and the spiral as forms. They never stopped moving me, and I’ve always wanted to learn more about them and their symbolism.

The chambered nautilus is a powerful metaphor for one’s spiritual evolution.
From the moment when we are born and begin to crawl, we continuously discover, learn, and leave our previous thoughts and worldview behind. Learning and growing requires our thinking in a new or different way, namely, thinking outside the box. Οnce we’ve expanded our minds beyond the old box, we simply find ourselves in a new, bigger box, in which we continue to learn and grow. We also find that once we have mentally moved into this new box, we can never go back to the smaller ones; we simply no longer fit in there.

The nautilus can never stay in the same chamber because it goes on getting bigger. Ιt has to build ever-larger chambers until the end of its life. The spiral suggests that it can grow forever – there is never a design for a final chamber.

Similarly, we should never stop growing, learning, and broadening our horizons, for staying at the same place would lead to a kind of spiritual death.

I decided to create 13 chambers because the number 13
symbolises Death and Resurrection. It’s well known as the number of bad luck or death and, indeed, it signifies death but not in the common sense. 13 is the number of rebirth. This is because rebirth comes after death. If there is no death there will be no rebirth.

Finally, I decided to add the third eye chakra, the ajna chakra.

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  1. Yüqíng

    Hi Giorgos,

    I hope this message finds you in good spirits. My name is Yüqíng, and I specialize in producing high-quality sculptures for artists worldwide.

    I have viewed your sculptures on your website and I am keen on coloration with you.
    please kindly let me know if you are interested.

    Warm regards.

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